Craft a job-winning placement training program with NeoPAT!

The journey from the academic to the professional world is a phase where students have confusion about careers. At this time universities bridge the gap between student life and professional life. The placement process plays a vital role in shaping the future of graduates from universities. Though universities strive to provide the best opportunities for their students, they face certain struggles in the campus drive and placement training process.

“Degrees matter, but the skills and experience matter more. We’re looking for practical knowledge that can be applied on day one. Show us what you can do, not just what you know.” – Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

The first major hurdle, which both the university and the company face, is the lack of practical skills. Universities spending more time on theory than practical knowledge will not prepare the students to meet the employer’s expectations. The expectations of the employer will be changing as the industry keeps upgrading its trends and demands in the competitive world. Students who have less experience in practical skills and knowledge will face struggles in solving real-world problems.

What does a company expect from a fresher?

The company prefers a student who is good at fundamentals and certain soft skills like effective communication, leadership, and teamwork abilities. To impress the employer the student must be strong enough in aptitude and soft skills.

The most important thing every college and student misses during placement training is that every company has separate needs. The same preparation for every company will not land the students in their dream job. Each student should be aware of the company’s specific niche to make a favorable impression on the employer during the interview.

How NeoPAT helps you!

Place your students in their dream companies and train your students using NeoPAT’s company-specific assessment. This assessment is customized according to the specific needs of the companies. Help your students satisfy the employer’s expectations. By making them attend the mock interview test they can ace the aptitude and soft skills interview. This test doesn’t have limits to attempt.

NeoPAT incorporates hands-on training modules that focus on developing problem-solving, analytical, and practical skills relevant to various industries. Through a number of case studies that mirror the real-world problems from the NeoPAT’s question bank, your students gain valuable experience and practice which makes it easier for them to be noticed by employers.

NeoPAT tailors its curriculum to align with current industry trends. This ensures that students are well-versed in the latest technologies and methodologies, which puts them in the spotlight, making them attractive candidates for employers.

Keep your students engaged and push them forward to learn and practice with NeoCodeathon. The dashboard will show the abilities of the students, which makes it easy for the staff to focus on the students who have difficulties understanding the concept.

NeoPAT is reshaping the cycle of placement training in universities and covers all your training requirements in a technological approach. Make your universities easily noticeable to employers with NeoPAT.